Name: Alexey Jer

Musical styles: Soul, House, Electronic music, Dance, Pop, Rock, Lírica, Deep House.




Remember the belle epoque - Album

I Want to break free - Album

I need to kiss - Album

I need to kiss remixes - Album

Beautiful music single - Album I need to kiss

You´re so sexy single - Album I need to kiss

My angel single - Album I need to kiss

Erotic dreams single - Album I need to kiss

Welcome to my fantasy single - Album I need to kiss

Somebody to love me Single

Trangression Single & remixes

Sweet dreams or made of this Single

Somebody to love me new version 2016

Transgression new version 2016 




Operación triunfo first edition Spain

X Factor Spain and diverse musical programs

Vocalist of Matinée Ibizious tour and other important festivals




This singer, make-up artist, actor, showman and TV presenter was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on September 12, 1979, Family of artists and creator of their own musical themes. Throughout his musical career he has collaborated with several musical groups, such as Base in your face, Peters Garage and Flamaneblues, neither flamenco nor blues.

Alexey Jer, known artistically as Jer, surnamed his father who comes from Bethlehem, Palestine and means kindness, has continued to work and produce his songs nationally and internationally, turning some of his singles into full dance tracks outside the Spanish border , such as Germany, Ireland, Holland, Chile, Argentina and Mexico among others. Passionate about music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, from the Swedish group Ace of Base, pop diva Madonna and soul diva Amy Winehouse, of which he is inspired by some of his songs and makes tributes to many of his concerts and performances with live voice. Chameleon artist who offers us a large part of his work on his website, and who, in recent years, has produced tracks full of the famous producer and Canarian DJ Vegax, such as Somebody to love me, Sweet dreams and the dedicated protest theme to the world of transgression and the Drag Queens, Trangression, What defines this artist is the ability to interpret his themes of different styles and forms live with his voice and his performances. Your music will make you dance. Welcome to the website of the Canarian artist Alexey Jer






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